About Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark S. Grobman
Chiropractor Campbell River

I was born and raised in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, the second of five children. I attended Alexander school and graduated N.B. Collegiate Institute.

My grandparents purchased a cottage at Days Beach on Jackfish Lake in 1949. My family had the great pleasure of living at the cottage during the summer months. I was active with Air Cadets, Scouting (Queens Scout) and some sports.

I moved to Saskatoon and started pre-med at the University of Saskatchewan. I worked on road construction in Alberta and Saskatchewan during the summers. I graduated U of S with a BSc. I moved to Edmonton and worked on the CN Rail as a switchman/brakeman at the Calder and City yards.

On one hot, dreary prairie Sunday in mid August I walked by a building with a Chiropractors name on the door. The hair on my neck stood on end! I just knew that was my calling, even though I did not know what a chiropractor did!

I returned next day and got a list of Chiropractic colleges. I applied to Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa only because my mother was from North Dakota. In late September I was on Campus and began my professional schooling. I graduated with honors.

At a seminar in Omaha, Nebraska I met a chiropractor from Campbell River and a few months after graduation I became an associate at his clinic. A year later I opened my clinic. I loved working on the railroad and I love my work as a chiropractor.

Well, enough about me, so let’s hear from you!

Cheers    Dr. Mark

PS If you are from the Battleford’s area, you may recall Grobman’s Department Store downtown with (grandfather) Bill, (uncle) Ed and (father) Arnold Grobman. That’s my family!